Brief History of WW II

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World War II

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Brief History of WW II

A Brief History of WWII

Started: September 18, 1931Ended: September 2, 1945

In this time, the treaty combining the German-Roman Treaty is made. Then treaty with Japan is made to help take down communist state of Russia.

The first, "battle", of WWII was the landing of Manchuri, which was started when Japanese stormed the beaches of Russia.

On this date, at mindnight, allied troops invaded Normandy Beach, opening another front to the Germans. If you'd like to see a very acurate movie of the landing, try watching, Saving Private Ryan.

Russia, Allied troops, and bordering countries launch final assault on Germany; April 30th, Hitler commits suicide because Germany is doomed.

Germany surenders to Allies & USSR, Allies drop atomic and hydrogen bomb on Japan. Japan surrenders unconditionly.

September 18, 1931

October 25- November 25, 1936



June 6, 1944

March 7, 1945 - April 1945

May 7 - September 2, 1945

Roman-German Pact.

Tanks used in Manchuri raid.

D-Day landing on Normandy Beach

USSR troops advanicing on German soil.

Treaty between Germany & Allies.


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