Bridled Nail tailed Wallaby

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Bridled Nail tailed Wallaby

Description*Female: 43-55 cm; male: 50-70*Both male and female weigh from 8 to 17 pounds.* Scientific name is Onychogalea fraenata.* Bridle comes from the bridle line running through the neck and down. *Nail comes from the horn looking nail point at the tip of the tale.(ark ; red)

Help save the WallabysWhat do the soft furry and innocent Bridled nail tailed wallaby. There is a estimated 80 bridled nail tailed wallabys in the idlia national park where they are found. Please help save the bridled nail tailed wallaby.

Adaption *Nocturnal animal.*Emerges at night to eat on grasses and Forbes.*Daytime is spent hibernating underneath grass or bush.*These animals are known to transmit information through scent cues* Males can determine the female’s readiness to mate by scent.(adw)

Habitat *The species live in acacia scrubland and grassy weed land in semi-aired region.* Tropical/ terrestrial*Savannah,Grassland, or scrub forest.(ark, ; adw)

Food chain*herbivore*they feed on forbes,grasses, and woddy browse. During observation in Taunton National Park, these foods were selected by the animals: The herbaceous forb.* They mostly like to eat leaves.(adw)

Bridled Nail tailed Wallaby

Endangerment*In 1990s the wallaby suffered dramatically from a shooting for its fur. * Wild fire and droughts is a big reason for endangerment.*Preadaptation by foxes, feral cats, and dingoes.* Habitat destruction(ark ; red ; adw)



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