Bridging The Digital Divide in Education

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Bridging The Digital Divide in Education

Issues and Problems


LEASING PROGRAMS-Parents leased lease computers, Ipads and other devices from the school at a lower cost for their childPROs: 1. More students will have access to computers, Ipads and other devices. 2. Students have more access to technology at with lower long-term costs for parents.CONs: 1. A certain infrastructure must be in place. 2. Initial cost for devices are high for the school district. 3. Opportunity for student abuse and destruction of property. 4. Parents and students need to sign a leasing contract with the school and their teachers to be responsible for damages.

What prevents access to technology in the classroom?BUDGET CUTS - When school district resources for technology and expansion are cut, teachers have to find creative ways to bring technology in the classroom.UNDERUSED TECHNOLOGY- in many classrooms, technology in the classrooms are underused. This is a huge problem because this is essential in connecting students to expand their skills in critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills.

BYOD-Students bring their Ipads and their cellular phones to be used in classroom teaching.PROs: 1. Students are already familiar with the device.CONs: 1. Different platforms between a MAC and a PC could be incompatible software. 2. Not all students have devices to bring to school. 3. Students who have devices will have to "share."

COMPUTER LAB-Most schools have computer labs for student use.PROs: 1. Most schools already have computer labs with computers paid for by the school district for classroom and student use.CONs:1. Technology is oftentimes underused. When they are underused, school districts and the school board is least likely to increase budget because schools are not using the technology they already have. 2. Teachers need to create projects to use the computer lab more. 3.Classes have limited time to use the computer lab.



Bridging the Digital Divide article hereCreated by: Sheelagh Sy EDUC 220


Attitudes teachers need to have:*POSITIVE ATTITUDE-open to technology and it's impact.*PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT-it is important to further education and training in the latest technology.*ALLOW STUDENTS TO LEAD IN THE CLASSROOMS-let students to devices and technology they are most comfortable with, what tools work best for them and help them use all available resources.*ESTABLISH A "NO FEAR OF FAILURE POLICY-school administration, school district and the school board must give teachers freedom to innovate, make mistakes, grow and be rewarded for using technology in the classrooms.



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