Bridges in Asia

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Bridges in Asia

The Vidyasagar Setu bridge also known as the Second Hooghly Bridge. This is a toll bridge over the Hooghly River in West Bengal, India. The length of the bridge is 2,700ft. It was contructed on July 3,1979.

The Helix Bridge, known as the Double Helix Bridge, is a pedestrian bridge linking Marina Centre with Marina South in the Marina Bay area in Singapore.

The Helix Bridge

The Vidyasagar Setu Bridge

The Great Seto Bridge is a series of double deck bridges connecting Okayama and Kagawa across a series of five small islands in the Seto Inland Sea.

Great Seto Bridge

The Bosphorus Bridge, also called the First Bosphorus Bridge or simply the First Bridge is one of two suspension bridges. Spanning the Bosphorus strait in Istanbul.

Bosphorus Bridge

Bridges in Asia


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