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Facts About Bridges1. Arched bridges over rivers sometimes have large holes cut into their abutments (side supports) to let flood waters flow through, reducing the risk of collapse.2. Tunnels were once dug entirly by hand. Tunnels, gigantic tunnel-boring machines make tunneling both quicker and safer.3. Apart from the risk of earth collapsing before the roof has been properly reinforced, difficulties include water pouring into the tunnel from aquifers , dust from blasting, trapped gas, and the heat and humidity of working deep beneath Earth's surface.

How To Build A Bridge

1. Study the location!2. If you are building your bridge over a creek or stream, consider the maximum water level!3. Position two pier blocks!Attach the beams first set of blocks!4. Make sure the two beams are parallel to each other.5. Add planking!6. Test the carrying capacity!Work on the original London Bridge began in 1176.

This bridge is called Cantilever spar cable-stayed bridge.

This one you should know it is the Golden Gate Bridge!

Here are some different kinds of bridges!

This is the Hong Kong bridge

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