Bridge to Teribithia

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Bridge to Teribithia

Extra: setting: Lousianapages: 128 chapters:13Author: Katherine Paterson

Leslie just moved to louisiana and has trouble making friends. When she moved to her new school she found Jess and made quick friends. They both made a magical world in the forest that only they knew about. Leslie came up with most of the ideas and jess helped design the kingdom. Their kingdom was called Teribithia.

Jess is a lone 5th grader who loves art and creates his own magical worlds in his mind and drew them. He not only liked drawing, but he liked to run. When school started he set his mind on being the fastest runner in the 5th grade.

Jess Aarons(protagonist)


Teribithia can only be entered by swinging across the enchanted rope. Leslie and Jess imagined together creatures like monster squirrels, Crazy vulture creatures, and even trolls. They will forever keep They're kingdom teribithia sacred.


Bridge toTeribithia

Leslie Burke(antagonist)


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