Bridge To Terabithia

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Bridge To Terabithia

Summary of the book:Jess lives in a small town called Lark Creek and has a hard family life, only getting along with his little sister, May Belle. Leslie and her family then move into town, and they eventually become good friends. Being outcasts, they both spend a lot of time together.They take over a part of the forest, accessible only by swinging on a rope across the creek, and call it Terabithia. They escape from their problems and live like royalty in this imaginary land of theirs.Janice Avery, the school bully, steals May Belle's Twinkies and Jess and Leslie decide to take revenge on her by sending her a fake love letter and embarrassing her. However, upon hearing that Janice has become extremely unhappy, they decided to comfort her. On the day after Easter, it was raining cats and dogs. Jess decides that it will be too dangerous to go to Terabithia. He momentarily forgets about Leslie and Terabithia after being invited to the museum by Miss Edmund. After an enjoyable visit to the museum, Jess comes home to the news that Leslie had died attempting to cross the creek.He goes to Terabithia to try and make sense of Leslie's death. However, May Belle decides to tag along and falls into the creek. After rescuing her, Jess realises that he has taken on some of Leslie's courage. Jess then begins to build a bridge across the creek, to Terabithia. And after completing the bridge, he welcomes May Belle to Terabithia.

Bridge to TerabithiaBy Katherine Paterson

Book Review

By Kimberly Grace (10)Class 3-5

I used to read this book over and over again when I was in Primary 3. It was the book my sister was studying for Literature. I liked the book's storyline, especially when Jess' memories of Leslie and her courage inspired him to be strong, to stand up and face reality. But what really made this book memorable for me was that I could relate to the characters in the book and also that while reading this book, I was able to create an image of how Terabithia looked like and felt like. It felt like I was being drawn into the book, like I was in Terabithia, a place where I could forget my problems.


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