Bridge of Tetuan

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Bridge of Tetuan

Bridge of Tetuan.

The Tetuan Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in Málaga It is located within the Capuchins district, precisely in the area of the mill.

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The Guadalmedina river passes under the Tetuan Bridge and the Limonero dam is empty when there is the danger of rainfall. Currently this dam is never full, firstly because there is little rainfall and also because of its poor condition. This bridge is located between two others, that of Santo Domingo and Armiñán, also known as Bridge of the Germans. The birth or beginning of the river that runs through all of these bridges begins in the Aqueduct of San Telmo, which is considered to be the most important work of the eighteenth century`s hydraulic engineering system in Spain.

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There was also a television series about it called, "The Time Between Seams" in Tetuan, Morocco.


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