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brice glog

RumpBy:Brice Jensen

Red is kind and is kind of mean. I wouldn't mess with Red because she is unlike any girl, Red fights back!

Rump is my favorite character.Rump is a cool character becausehe is a person that dosen't really mindother people.

Leisel Shurtliff

Leisel was born and rased in Salt Lake, Utah. Before Becoming a writer, Leisel went to Brigham Young Univercity.

My favorite scene or quote was Rumps Poems: Tommorow I'm free Today I'm alive, the curses and tangle no longer survive, from deep within the wisdom came, that Rumpelstiltskin is my name

The setting was on the mountains, inside the palace, Rump's home, and outside digging for gold. the mountains was where Rump lived. Rump's home was a small little house on the mountains. I could really imagine Rump's setting

My favorite scene or quote was Rump's poems: Home is a place to get out of the rain it craddles the hurt and mends the pain and no one cares about the size of your head or the size of your brain

I reccomend this book because it is funny. I liked when Rump sent a message to Red and the gnome said "RED FOR MESSAGE RED FOR MESSAGE." It was really funny!


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