Brianna, Letty,and Jasmine glog

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Brianna, Letty,and Jasmine glog

The Howler Monkey is a Primary Consumer and it is a Herbivore because it eats plants and fruits.

All about the HowlerMonkey.

The Inherited traits of the Howler Monkey are their Howling,and fast speed that make them look as their parents.

AdaptationsInherited traitsthey have five fingers toes, long arms, tail,and long fingers that help them survive in their habitat

AdaptationsInherited behavior their Fast speed,they Jump pretty High that make them survive in their habitat.

Habitat they live in the Tropical center and South America.

Prey or Predatorit is a prey.

The biotic things that Howler Monkeys needs to survive are: the trees to hang from,they also need the producer to eat from it. That are the abiotic elements they need to survive.

The abiotic things that the Howler need to survive are the fruits,leaves,and vegetables,water, they need it because it has nutrients on them.They also need oxygen to breath and survive,they also need the sun to get heat from and so that it could give energy to the producer.

The Howler monkey predators: Is a Philippine eagle,harpy eagle,and jaguars are the howler monkey predators.



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