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Bridesmaids could wear the color you choose for them from your flowers: must be solid color, same length, covered shoulders in church

July 23, 2011What a great day to get married! The colors of these flowers are perfect for a late July wedding. I think your shoulders would look very elegant in the sleeve and the shape of the dress would flatter your figure. It is simple and lovely. Just think, your favorite sister (sane sister) could be there along with your splendid nieces and impressive nephew.BONUS: Eliza could stay with you til she starts school in August; think "house sitter" while you take a short honeymoon. You could then fly to the Philippines in December (accompanied again by Eliza) for an extended honeymoon. Sounds like a great plan!

Brian and DonnaJuly 23, 2011

Alternate Bridesmaid outfit

Performance idea, click to play


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