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Grizzly BearsBy:Brett Kerry

Grizzly's Enviorment/Habitat

Grizzly's Texonomy:D-EukaryotaK-AnimaliaP-ChordataC-MammaliaO-CarnivoriaF-UrsidaeG-UrsusS-U. Arctos

Grizzlies Feeding

Related Species:Brown Bear

A Short Description:A grizzly bear is the largest, most powerful bear of Western North America. Grizzly bears live primarily in Alaska and Western Canada. In addition, small numbers of Grizzlies are found in Idaho, Washington, and Wyoming. Grizzlies belong to a species of bear called the big brown bears. Grizzly bears are usually found near water where they are hunting for salmon.

Four adaptations of the Grizzly:-Grizzly bears can stand on their back legs to let them see further away to the point where most animals can't see. This also helps them find scents with ease. -Grizzly bears have very long claws to catch salmon and to dig.-Grizzly bears may also have a very keen sense of smell to find food for their young cubs and themselves.-Hibernating makes the grizzly bears body temperatures, heart rate, and and need for energy lower, plus their need for food and water is eliminated.

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