Brennan Huff

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Language Arts

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Brennan Huff

This athiest symbol represents Brennan because he didn't believe in God and spoke against the church.

Brennan in his beat labratory a few years back

Obituary Sadly last Sunday a church group got ahold of Brennan Huff's latest single "Christian *@#*$% & #&$*" The church group later hunted Brennan down, crucified him and burned him at the stake like they would back in biblical times. He will not be able to be burried due to the fact he was burnt to death. his funeral will be held in the alley behind O' Riley's auto shop next wednesday at 10.Not many are left behind since he had no wife, kids, or friends, just his mom and dad. What a trajedy it is for another young talent to be lost

Depiction Brennan was a young man living on the edge. He was a music writer and producer out of his parents basement. He was also said to have had the voice of Fergie and Jesus, but this didn't stop him from committing heresy. He spoke against the church frequently by writing songs that disrespected not only the church but God himself, even though his father was a pastor of a baptist church. One day that got him into a little bit of trouble.

Brennan Huff

Brennan was sent to the 6th circle of hell and was placed into a burning tomb for the rest of eternity because he was a heretic (speaking against the church).

This is where Brennan has to stay for the rest of eternity

Circle 6, Canto 10Heresy

This symbol also represents Brennan since he attended a church but so oftenly spoke against it and didn't care.



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