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by jonahfriedman
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breath strip glog

Invention glog, BREATH STRIPS by jonah Friedman

As you can see, the main problem here is that gum chewing is not allowed in school, yet kids still do it to freshen breath. I want to trasform this by using new square inch, "breath strips". These strips are in a plastic container with about 50 strips in each one. A woven pattern will be like tissue boxes, pulling the next one out when one is pulled out. One then puts the strip in the mouth then to the roof of the mouth. The strips become sticky when moistened by the saliva in your mouth, but not when they are pulled out of th container. The ability to talk is not disturbed and mouths are stilll freshened, quietly and non-disturbingly to anoter person.

The problem

Sales process using our cheap chines and Malaysian ingredients, we will sell each 50 strip package that cost us 20 cents to make as a Wholesale cost of 50 cents so we can keeep our aim of being another $1 checkout item. we also sell bulk packages in packs of ten.

To get maximum cost effectiency, i will use chinese and Malaysian ingredients that will be cheap to grow and then shipped to the U.S. The ingredients will then be mixed together and put into teh square strips, then packaged with a pattern so when one is pulled out the next one comes along.

Process of making.

AimI will aim at sellign to teenagers as they are somewhat needy for gum in school. These will not get them in trouble because they are not gum. Also, these are safe to swallow, unlike gum, and are edible, so smaller children might be a good aim.

Alot like listerine strips, but bigger and longer lasting.



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