Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer

Cons: -treatments- surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and hormone therapy -surgery on the breasts- can cause emotional upset in women because breasts are a symbol of femininity and womanhood-breast conserving surgery- removes part of the affected breast -masectomy- removal of breast -lumpectomy- removal of breast lump quandrantectomy- one quarter of breast removed -lymph node surgery- removes one or more lymph node to see if cancer has spread -chemotherapy and radiation are done in cycles; cycles are stressful on the body and come with brutal side affects such as infection, swelling, pain, nausea, fatigue, hair loss, mouth sores, vomiting, bruising, etc.-hormone therapy- lower or stop estrogen from being produced; causes early menopause and has many side affects such as weight gain, fatigue, bone thinning, nausea, vomiting, changes in mood, swelling, dizziness, headaches etc. breast cancer as a chronic illness- patients in constant treatment; cope with cancer every day -patients will have to go through third and fourth rounds of treatment -patients may have to get a second opinion; sometimes clinical trials are available -body becomes resistant to treatments decreased quality of life-treatments can make the patient feel worse instead of feel better -patients develop anxiety and depression -patients have trouble performing day-to-day activities -patients sometimes wish to stop treatment and live the rest of their lives comfortably; hospice is typically used for the patient's final stages of life affect on families of patients- emotional and physical needs not being met for the partner and the children in the family -the family goes through cancer with the patient -relatvies often suffer; prone to develop anxiety, depression, and clinical distress -husbands of patients with breast cancer experience worse psychological well-being -relatives suffer from clinical distress, depression, and anxiety

Overview: What is breast cancer? Breast cancer occurs when cells in the breast divide and grow without their normal control. - One out of every 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in her life-In 2013: 39,620 females and 410 males died of breast cancer Key terms defined: mammogram- a low dose X-ray exam of the breast to look for changes that are not normal. Mammograms are the best early detection method. controlled cancer- cancer is being treated and seems to go away or stay the same and does not grow or spread as long as treatment is maintained remission- cancer is gone or half gone progression/ recurrence- cancer has grown or spread to other tissues/ organs

My opinion Breast cancer is something near and dear to my heart. Truthfully, my mother was sick with breast cancer my entire life. She was diagnosed when I was two, and passed away when I was fifteen. When researching this topic, everything felt so familiar. I knew all about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, the treatment processes, and the names of the organizations that raise money and awareness for breast cancer. Living with my sick mother was one of the hardest things I have ever had to go through. My mom's cancer was not just hard on her, but hard on my entire family. We hated to watch her suffer through the brutal side affects that came with her treatments. Everything I researched about this topic was so on point. I lived through the words on the pages, and just like my mom, I am a survivor. Now in every October, I throw on my pink shirt and walk for the cure. My mom lost the battle, but I will continue to fight against the war on breast cancer and take my mom's place on the battlefield.Photo references: -,1312157140,1/stock-photo-family-hands-with-pink-bracelets-for-breast-cancer-81991582.jpg-

Breast Cancer: No One is Immune

Pros: Early Detection and Prevention- -mammograms best way to detect breast cancer in its early stages; diagnosis in early stages easier to treat -breast self examination- feel breasts for abnormalities; breasts should feel lumpy like oatmeal; abnormal lumps will feel like a pea -clinical breast examination- low cost exam for less affluent countries -knowing health history/ seeking a genetic counselor can lower risk- being aware of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes- tumor suppressant genes; when they have mutations they do not function properly and developing breast cancer becomes more likely support systems- families, friends, clinics, counselors, cancer centers, churches, temples, and support groups are all great resources to have and will help the patient cope with breast cancer; there is nothing better than someone who understands donations/ fundraising/ organizations- various organizations primarily focused on raising money and awareness for breast cancer- Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, National Breast Cancer Institute, American Cancer Society, Zeta Tau Alpa -Breast Cancer Awareness Month- many breast cancer events held to raise money- A Walk for the Cure, Pink Out Week, Paint the town Pink, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer -shopping for the cure- companies sell products and some of the proceeds go to breast cancer research- Ralph Lauren's Pink Pony, Essie nail polish websites that dedicate their time to educating the public about breast cancer-,, and the national breast cancer foundation

Breast cancer is often thought to be a disease of the developed world, however almost 50 of breast cancer cases and 58of deaths occur in less developed countries.


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