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Author: Anna (from CZ)


Internet childrenIn our school there is a free wifi, so logically you can see a lot of students online with their tablets (like Jirka in the picture), mobile phone, or on Thursday I saw a guy with a notebook! But that's not so often.

"HOME"WORKIt can happen... you are at home, doing something really interesting and then you just forget to do your homework, so you must do it at school. Everybody has done it at least once! And who says 'no', is lying! :D

The serviceIn our school, every week there are two people 'the service'. They must say to the teachers who is not at school, if it's, for example, the 64th lesson or 65th lesson... but they must clean the board after lessons, too. So in this picture you can see how handy Klárka is. :D She was the service this week.

What are we doing during breaks in our school?

Out of the class?

Eating and learning

What is Aleš doing?

Yes. We can go out of our classes and go to the school buffete, play table football (in the picture you can see me and my friend Eliška Pham) or ,for example, just walk all around the school. But we cannot go outside, just when it is lunch time and we go to the school canteene.

Here are Eliška and Týna eating their snacks. Usually students have some bread, a bun or roll with ham, cheese or salami. They can have also some fruit, vegetable, or even some sweets. They are learning there, too. If we write a test next lesson, we normally learn for the test.

In this picture you can se Aleš reading a book. He really likes reading and he really often reads books at school, but not many student do that I think, because our breaks are just 10 minutes long (the big break for eating is 20 minutes long and it's from 10:30 to 10:50) and students like talking to each other or doing some other things more.



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