Breaking the Barrier

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Breaking the Barrier

Breaking the Barrier

Breaking the Barrier is a site that has created an ibook textbook for learning Spanish or French. You are able to order a physical book as well. The ibook includes vocabulary, activities, comprehension, and dialoue. Each language has three different levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

The ibook program is very easy to use. The chapters are well oragnized, and the format is easy to follow.This is very suitable for beginning language students, because of how simple it is to follow. It is not super creative, as it is like an language textbook. There are lists of vocabulary, maps, and worksheets.

Each level costs $99. If all three are purchased at the same time then it is $229. This is for self learners or homeschoolers.If a teacher wishes to purchase the materials then each level costs about $135, not including the student textbook. Each student book is $39.50.I would give this program a B. It seems like a very good and effective program, but it does have a higher cost.

The ibook quality is wonderful. It is a language textbook on your computer. You never have to worry about the book falling apart. As long as you have a computer you are able to access your ibook. It would be very effective with students who enjoy technology. The students do not have to spend class time writing notes and reading a physical book, they can learn the language will on the computer.


Quality and Effectiveness


These is a good program, and I feel that anyone would benefit from using it. It is engaging and more fun than a traditional language classroom.I probably would not use it in my classroom, because of the cost.