Breaking Stalin's Nose

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Breaking Stalin's Nose

Breaking Stalin's NoseBy: Eugene Yelchin

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The reason why the scarlet scarf is important is because before Sasha's father got arrested he gave Sasha this scarf as a gift for being accepted in to the Young Soviet Pioneers.


Sasha Zaichik (main character)Sasha's DadVovaka SobakinBorka Finkelstein also known as "Four-Eyes"Aunt LarisaStukachovWoman at prison

Sasha lives in the Soviet Union and the book took place during the frigid winter months.

I would definitely recommend this book because it teaches that when you get into a problem you find out who your real friends are because who ever doesn't have your back isn't a real friend. A lot of people like this book because it has won many awards including the John Newbery Award and made the 2014 Rebecca Caudill list.



This is a picture of "Four Eyes."

By: Tyler Brne


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