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Breaking Point

Breaking PointBy: Karyn Longhorne Folan & Paul Langan

The story all begins when Teresa and Vicky are heading home after their last class just ended, when Teresa asked Vicky if she was going to go to her dress fitting for her quinceanera. Vicky didn't remember that the dress fitting was today , Vicky was just focused on the hearing for Martin Luna.. In days before terrible things happened her dad walked out on them Martin and Steve wanting to get into a fight again Danny her younger brother tagging the park wall it was a disaster but the worst of all losing their house but her grandpa and grandma had saved some money for Vicky and Danny for when they go to college or the university and with that money they rented a apartment where Martin and Mario, Danny’s friends lives and her grandpa saved the day. `



The authors Karyn Langhorne Folan & Paul Lagan are subjective because they try to prove a point about how the way Vickys life is and how much she struggles in her everyday life. I think that the point the the authors are trying to prove is that everyone's life is not perfect and it's not how it's in the love movies and in love stories. Everyone has their fights at home there own problems like economically struggling, jealousy, family problems, etc. If that is the point that he is proving then it is a good point to prove and explain in their own words and put them into a book. Like in the book when Vick heard her dad in the morning on the phone and taking some things including Danny's X Box. That is why i think that the authors are subjective.


There are four chief characters. First ,there is Vicky who is 14 yrs old and goes to Bluford High and has a crush on Martin. Next ,there is Teresa who is Vicky’s really good friend and she goes to Bluford High. There’s, also Martin who is Vicky’s friend and has a crush on Vicky and he also goes to Bluford High. Then ,there is Steve who is Vicky’s ex boyfriend and doesn't like Martin very much and he also goes to Bluford High.oes to Bluford High.

Breaking Point written by Karyn Langhorne Folan and Paul Langan. The book was first published in 2011. This story occurs probably not so far ago. This story is told in first person but it is also told into a narrator speaking as told by Vicky, Teresa, Martin, Steve, Yolanda (mom), Diego (grandpa), and Danny (vickys younger brother).

L This book caused a few emotions in me. I felt feelings in me when her parents were fighting about things. When Vicky’s dad pushed her grandfather and he lost his balance and I felt like really why did he do that he's and old man and he is really sick. I thought that we know that he is stressed out and under lots of pressure but he didn't have to do that to an old man. I didn't learn anything new from this book. I was made more aware of the world because I know that everyone is perfectly in perfect. The characters in this story seemed believable. I could not relate to them because there life is very different than mine. I liked the character Vicky because she was so in love with Martin and I can relate to her. This story has a good theme because is gose on how the characters attitudes and how the story is put all together. The theme also goes with the story is about life and that it is not always perfect and with no problems.



By : Belen Perez


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