Breaking Night By Lizz Murray

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Breaking Night By Lizz Murray


adjective1.(of a person) without a home, and therefore typically living on the streets."the plight of young homeless people"synonyms: of no fixed address, without a roof over one's head, on the streets, vagrant, displaced, dispossessed


Homelessness affects a variety of people however teen homelessness has been a growing problem.

WARNING SIGNSPeople become homeless for a large number of reasons, some of those include poverty, domestic violence, mental illness and addiction. If one sees someone who suffers from any of these things that could be a warning sign that they will becomehomeless / run away from home.

There are so many places in or close to Westport that offer services for the homeless. There are services that offer free food and entertainment (the Gillespie center) and other services that offer shelters for people to stay the night. Not to mention other organizations that offer medical attention to those who cannot afford it.

Motivation:Even though Liz didn't have a stable home of her own she found the motivation to get up every morning and go to school. She made a commitment not to miss any school and she used that as her motivation and graduated with close to zero absences.

As a homeless teenager there are many ways to try to overcome homelessness. Liz Murray, who wrote the book Breaking Night overcame her homelessness and other issues and ended up graduating from Harvard. Some of the most important ways that she mentioned to overcome her homelessness were taking one day at a time, trying your absolute best at any school you can find, have motivation and finally belive in yourself.

Believe in Yourself!You have to have confidence in yourself in order to achieve your dreams. As soon as Liz saw Harvard she knew that that was where she wanted to go. Even though it was a stretch she believed in herself and accomplished something huge.

Work Hard in School:Although it was difficult for her Liz put on the best clothes she had (which were not even remotely nice) and went to interviews for all of the schools she could find. Finally she found one to accept her and she had a goal to finish all four years of high school in 2 years and get all A's. She worked her absolute hardest despite her lack of a place to sleep at night and eventually got into Harvard.

Taking one day at a time:In order to overcome homelessness it is crucial to take one day at a time, one thing a t a time. It is far too difficult without a home to look too far into the future and it is important to stay in the moment. This allows you to always focus on the most important thing first, like finding a place to sleep that night.

Homelessness affects so many people across the world. In New York City alone, more than 55,000 people in total, experience homelessness. 21,000 of those are children.

SummaryIn the book Breaking Night, a nonfiction novel by Liz Murray, the main character, Liz, becomes homeless after a difficult childhood. Her parents were horribly addicted to cocaine. They ran out of the house at all hours of the night to get more drugs. They spent the money that they got from the government on drugs and left Liz and her sister hungry. Her mother is diagnosed with AIDS and eventually she runs away from home after a bad run in with her mother's boyfriend. She is constantly sleeping on the streets and stealing food to quiet her starving stomach. After some time she gets tired of not having a place to sleep and decides to look for a school. She did countless interviews and still it seemed that no school would take her. Until she found a school called Prep. Prep is a school that was made for under privalleged kids. She makes a comitment to show up to school everyday and complete her four years of hightschool in two years, with all A's. She goes on a field trip to Boston and when she sees Harvard she knows that that is where she wants to go. She works her very hardest and accomplishes her dream with the help of others.



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