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Breaking Benjamin

Breaking Benjamin

Breaking Benjamin have quietly become one of mainstream rock’s most popular new bands of the late ‘00s. Drawing comparisons to everyone from Linkin Park to Chevelle to Korn to Tool, this Pennsylvania quartet combine metal-edged guitars with confessional lyrics to produce accessible radio-rock.Breaking Benjamin came together around the dawn of the 21st century. Frontman Benjamin Burnley and drummer Jeremy Hummel were in a band together, and they were soon joined by guitarist Aaron Fink and bassist Mark James, who were previously part of the group Lifer. The band played around the Pennsylvania area, attracting the attention of local radio. A self-made EP started making the rounds in 2001, and soon Breaking Benjamin were signed to Hollywood Records

The lead singer of the band, Benjamin Burnley and he ex-drummer of the band, Jeremy Hummel, founded this band. When performing at a local show, Benjamin broke the microphone after he finished singing. Thus, the name came up. 2 memebers from Lifer joined the band. Then it changed its name to Plan 9. It didn't work very well, and Jeremy Hummel left the band and slapped a federal lawsuit on the remaining band members claiming that he wasn't paid for the songs he helped write. The band then changed their name back to Breaking Benjami