Breakfast: Autumn Apple and Grape Medley

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Breakfast: Autumn Apple and Grape Medley

Servings: 8Calories:209.2Fat: 8.6 g.Protein: 15.7 g.Carb. 36.2Fiber: 3.0 g.Sugar: 19.3 g. Ingredients:3 cups (16 oz.) of seedles grapes4 cups of apples1/2 tsp.of lemon juice8 oz. fat free Chobani Greek Yogurt4 oz. light cream cheese1/4 cup of brown sugar1 tsp of vanilla extractA glass of milk on the sideFor the toppings:2 tbsp. of brown sugar1/2 cup of chopped walnuts


Autumn Apple and Grape Medley


1) Cut grapes in half and set aside. Dice apples into small pieces about the same size as the grapes. Toss lemon juice in the bowl of grapes and apples to prevent the apples from browning.2) In a seperate bowl mix yogurt, cream cheese, and vanilla until blended well. 3) Stir in grapes and apples and pour into 1 large dish.4)Combine brown sugar, and crushed walnuts. Then sprinkle over top of the dish.

* use a hand mixture for blending ingredients instead of by hand because it makes the dish creamier, and removes chunks easier.

*also instead of 1/4 brown sugar you could use cinnamon which also gives the dish a burst of flavor.


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