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Pat McFarlane is the son of Mrs. Farlane. He is the middle aged one. When his father died he became a breaker boy because many of those died in the cave in.

Cal McFarlane is the son of Mrs. McFarlane. He is the oldest of the McFarlane kids. Even though he is the oldest of the kids he is not the wisest of them. He happens to be very Rebellious. He became a miner when his father died

Annie McFarlane is the daughter of Mrs. McFarlane. She is the youngest of the McFarlane kids She is a very smart and witty girl.

John Mitchell is one of the bosses of the mines. He dosent like the McFarlane's or any of the miners.




The Story takes place in 1902 in Scatter Patch Pennsylvania. It also takes place in a coal mine near Scatter Patch. A coal mine explosion causes a cave in.

In the year 1902 the high class used the lower class to mine coal. In one of the biggest coal mines which was loacted in Scatter Patch Pennsylvania. One day in the mine an explosion occured causing a cave in. Many died including Mr. McFarlane who was one of the best workers in the mine. When the bosses (High class) didnt help the miners the miners get angry and they decide to go on strike. (Not working until certain conditions are met)

Timothy Turse

Mrs. Mesa 2nd Period

N.A. Perez is a Published author who has wirtten a couple of books Breaker, and The Slopes of War

I never really saw any signs of biblical connections through the story. If the bosses had cared about the workers maybe the workers wouldnt have rebelled.



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