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Break dance

History break dance


In the late sixties, early seventies, there were people who became a kind of move to the music. Thus was born the dance, soon dubbed «Good Foot», thanks to the eponymous plate legendary James Brown. Good Foot was the only dance in which people began to combine falling to the ground with the elements of the rotation.B-Boying was born in the Bronx, in one of the areas New York. Terms bboy and bgirl invented DJ Kool Herc which is often twisted plates on street hangouts. Bboy is a male dancer, BGirl is a female dancer.

Toprock - breaking level, which some have called the top. Footwork - lower break dance, its essence is connected primarily with the various movements of the feet parallel to the floor. In fact, along with the Top rock Footwork it is one of the most obvious indicators of Bboy or Bgirl. Freeze - fading for a few seconds in the same position. Power move - power rotary dynamic motion.

Parts of breakdance

B-boy Junior was born on 10 March 1981 in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, named Junior Bosila Banya. Now he lives in Paris, France.He was a very energetic boy. At 5 years old, vigorous and fresh, he literally ran on his hands, danced and how he wanted to wanted to do different acrobatics and surprised people close to him his tricks. From birth, he had one leg shorter than the other by a few centimeters. When the junior learned about break dance, he wanted to become a champion! He created his own style based on the most difficult tricks with the help of his strong hands. Such dancers as he is, there is no longer anywhere in the world! He has won numerous titles around the world, and he never stops. He inspires me to go on even though there is nothing to the dream!

Favorite Dancer

Health Benefits

Breakdance dance develops flexibility, musicality, grace, artistry. Through this dance we find great friends!

About myself

My name is Dima. My nickname is Smurf! I'm from Voskresensk, Russia! I'm in the 10th grade. I love to dance, listen to different music, spending time with friends! I dance for more than three years and will continue to do all my life!


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