[2015] John Schipani: Breadwinner

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[2015] John Schipani: Breadwinner

Quotation #3"Parvana couldn't sleep. She could hear her mother and Nooria tossing and turning as well. She imagined every single noise to be either Father or the Taliban coming back. Each sound made Parvana hopeful and fearful at the same time." (Ellis 34-35)

Quotation #2"The Taliban had ordered all the girls and women in Afghanistan to stay inside their homes. They even forbade girls to go to school."(Ellis 7)

Quotation #1"The word Taliban meant religious scholars, but Parvana's father told her that religion was about teaching people how to be better human beings, how to be kinder." (Ellis 14)

The BreadwinnerBy: Deborah Ellis

Designed by: John Schipani

SynopsisImagine living in a world that forbids you from going to school, leaving your home, and fearing for the lives of your loved ones every day. This is the story of Parvana's life journey under Taliban rule in Afghanistan, when all she had was hope and faith.


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