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The official language of Brazil is Portuguese.Currency:1 real = 100 centavos

FLAG I'm covered in stars for all the Brazilian states. My blue and white represent my country before my independence. My yellow and green represent the many the resources of Brazil such as mines and forests.


CARNIVALCarnival takes place in late summer before the beginning of Lent. The main aspects of Carnival are ornate costumes, parades, dancing and music including SAMBA, and lots of food. In the regions of Olinda and Recife, they use large puppets, and play frevo and dance passo. Millions of Brazilians and tourists participate in Carnival and pay hundreds of dollars on elaborate costumes and to be part of a parade.

The majority of Brazil is in the Southern Hemisphere.The captial is Brasilia. Some major cities are Fortaleza, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Curitiba.

BRIEF HISTORY TIMELINE1500: Pedro Carbal, a Portuguese explorer, discovered Brazil on his way to find India.1822: Pedro I declares independence from Portugal to become the Brazilian Empire.1889: Brazil becomes a republic, which means a government that elects a president.

SPORTSThe favorite sports are capoeira and soccer (futebol). Other favorite sports are beach volleyball, tennis, auto racing, and basketball.



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