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Undefined Beauty

-one of the nations most culturally diverse-Ethnic Composition: African, White, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian-Roman Catholic 80%-Portuguese is spoken by almost %100 (Colonization )-unity - intermarried that seems that almost everyone has a combination of European, African and indigenous ancestry



-dates back to Greek Origin spring festival in honor of Dionysus, the god of wine. -Romans modified it to the celebration of indulgences - one last time of music, food, alcohol, and sex before Lent(a good time before it was time to be "holy")-Rio de Janeoro carnival is one of the world's most famous (consists of floats, dacners, & singers)-SAMBA SAMBA SAMBA SAMBA! eccentric music 1st introduced in the slums by Black Brazilians after the abolishment of slavery in 1888-Time of happiness, exposure, and no judging some actions seen as Inappropriate in a daily basis -HUGE TOURIST ATTRACTION, offers new experiences, a different culture

MAJOR EXPORTS= equipment, iron ore, footwear,coffee, autos, fruit, textiles MAJOR IMPORTS=machinery, electrical equipment, transport equipment, and oil.PRIMARY EXPORT PARTNERS- China, US, Argentina, Netherlands , & GermanySince the target focus is around the time of the carnival that when sales will be at its highest. Thus increasing the GDP in Rio de Janeiro and ultimately Brazil.

The Consolidation of Labor Laws ( Consolidao das Leis do Trabalho) is the LAW which governs labor relations in Brazil. It was issued in 1943 by Getlio Vargas, President of Brazil.- protecting rights


Dilma Rousseff isthe 1st female presidentof Brazil. (Worker’s Party.)She’s inspired a great number of women to apply for municipal offices in Brazil.Women also feel that men are beginning to respect and trust them.

Games = more tourists =more consumers

the differential between women and men is less pronounced in urban areas (women earn on average 77.8 percent of men's wages)•According to the 2010 IBGE Census, there were 5,940,224 people residing in the city of Rio de Janeiro.•the population of Rio de Janeiro was 53.2% female•3,234,812 White people (51.2%), •2,307,104 Brown (Multiracial) people (36.5%), •724,197 Black people (11.5%), •46,484 Asian people (0.7%), •6,320 Amerindian people (0.1%)AGES•0-14 years: 26.2% (female 26,180,040)•15-64 years: 67% (female 68,809,357)self


Our company will use Rio de Janeiro as the main location-There we will produce, in order to establish jobs for the lower class-The warm climate will fit our theme “carnival” and will attract many people there-Due to the coastal location transporting goods= less expensiveAdvertisement -No t.v. ads but magazine adsoEx. Gucci

WEATHERRio de Janeiro Summer: November-February-Rio's summers are famously hot and humid, with temperatures easily reaching 104 degrees Fahrenheit-beach perfect weather just in time for Carnival in February.

top countries w/ tourists 2011

Pricing: due to exotic inspiration and the focus of demand around the time of the carnival, the prices are relatively fair$10-$25 dollars (depending on item)1 Brazilian real = 0.5848 US dollars

BENEFITS OF OLYMPICS1. Encourages Investment in Transport and Infrastructure.2. Influx of Foreign Visitors.3. Job Creation4. Higher Economic Growth.



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