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What a beautiful landscape

Brazil is the largest country in Latin America.

The main land characteristic of Brazil is the extensive Amazon rain forest in the north, and the hilly and low mountainous region in the south. Brazil contains almost 60% of the Amazon rain forest.

A big ship is need it in order to reach the new continent!

Have you ever heard about Corcovado?

Brazil shares its borders with every country in South America except for Ecuador and Chile. The Atlantic Ocean lies to the east of Brazil. The long coastline of Brazil is dotted with many beaches which attract tourists from across the world. Diverse climatic zones and topography is one of the specialties of this country. The different topographical features of Brazil include the mountains, plains, highlands and scrublands.

An astounding 4 million species of plants and animals exist in Brazil, and not only that, there are even more species being discovered every day.

LetterBrazil is waiting for us! This fabulous country has beautiful landscapes where we are going to go in order to discover these fascinating places. Remember you are not alone, you have always been with your classmates so count on them. Do not forget to use your Passport when you arrive to the ship.


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