Braydon Allen John Bushie

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Braydon Allen John Bushie

My name is Braydon

Fames Explorers in North AmaricaGeorge VancuverSimon FraserJames CookJhon CabotJacques CartierHenry HudsonSamuel de ChamplainAlexander MackenzieMarco poloeFirst Contact

I am Simon Fraser

Explorers brought diseases and guns and traded animal furs with the first Nations people that they met. The guns that the explorers brought changed the first nations peoples lives. More animals almost became extinct becuase they hunted so many animals for their furs. The furs were orignially used to make teepees but now the fur were traded with the explorers who would sell the furs in France and England for great riches.



  • jbystrom 11 years ago

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    I'm not sure your grandmother would approve of your blog with all the skulls on it. Please edit your glog to make it appropriate for Social Studies today. Please also add your name.

  • jbystrom 11 years ago

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    Braydon, YOu've got a good variety of images and now you need to add text on an image for each to explain your thinking and to show the reader why you've added each picture. What is teh purpose for each picture being included in your glog? A good start; but incomplete.