[2015] 6Justin S: Bravely Default: Where the Fairy Flies

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[2015] 6Justin S: Bravely Default: Where the Fairy Flies

Setting:Time and Place of the action.The story takes place in a place like Earth called Luxendarc but has fantasy elements like dragons and magic

Plot:Sequence of events in a storyThe main charcaters home town is swallowed up in a earth quake created by dark energy thats created by the magic that powers this world Tiz then goes on a quest qith the person who is a keeper of one of these powers her name is Angesand is a keeper of the Wind Crystal the point of the adventure is to undo all the damage cause by the dark energy by changing the past.

Symbolism:Practice of using and object to represent itself and something greater.Jobs in this game give you skills, stats , and information.

Paradox: Situation that seems senseless but is true neverless.The end of the game you save the Crystals and then Airy turns into an enemy by absorbing all the Dark Energy and Crystals Energythen by defeating her Tiz and his friends return to the past where they fixed the world but then the paradox starts and the have to go on a journey again with after all the things they fixed returned to how they were before the journey happened since at one time there was no need to go on the journey (This part is hard to explain)

Conflict: Struggle between two opposing forces.Fighting against certain countrys that don't want you to save the Crystal knowing it will create a dangerous enemy created from the Crystals and Dark Energy.

Mood: Emotional quality of a literary work.During the final fight with Airy the music changes to a sad and eerie but fast paced to add a sad element to the battle. While the setting is a dark area.

Imagery: Words that writers use to envoke emotional response.At the begining of the story it shows Tiz's home town and the resedents of the towns lifes familys and happiness then goes to Tiz and his brother in fields when the earth starts to crumble beneath their feet and shows Tiz's sorrow to everyone dying.

1st Person Point of View: Persepective of the one character in the story.The story never left Tiz persective never left his character.

Protagonist Character: The central main character wom the main conflict revolves.Tiz with his brothers death from the darkness goes to stop these things from ever happening.

Foreshadowing:Clue to important plot developements in the future of the story.At the begining of the story you can pause the opening and the name of the story says Bravely Default The lying Airy where the Airy Lies. Airy is a Fairy that is the one saying by saving the Wind Crystal and all the other Crystals you can then tuen back time but at the end Airy turns into a enemy and Tiz and his friends must beat her.


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