Bratislava, Slovakia

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Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava, Slovakia

Area: 367,6 km²Population: 411 228

Slovak National Theater

HISTORYBratislava is the capital of Slovakia. It has a long history. It was important in Celtic and Roman times. Later the Slavs and then the Avars settled in the area. In the 9th century, Bratislava became an important town of the Great Moravian Empire. In 1467, the first Slovak university, Academia Istropolitana, was established. From 1526 to 1784 Bratislava was the capital of Hungary. During that time, the Hungarian kings and queens had their coronations there. There are around 300 historic palaces and buildings in the old town of Bratislava that are museums and galleries now.

in the past

Origin of the nameThe Slovaks called the city Prešporok until the defeat of the Habsburg monarchy in World War I. It was a Slovakized version of its German name Pressburg (which, in turn, may have been based on an old Slovak–Slavic personal name).The city was given the name Bratislava when it was made capital of Slovakia in the newly created Czecho-Slovakia.



St. Martin's CathedralSt. Martin's Cathedral is a three-part Gothic-style church that was built on the site and around an original Romanesque church. St. Martin's Cathedral has a long history behind it and was the site of Hungarian kings' coronations from 1523 until the end of the Austria-Hungary Empire. There are four chapels inside of St. Martin's Cathedral, and the Tower of the Minister soars more than 275 feet from the roof and can be seen from most of the city.

Bratislava's Old Town HallAs in many centuries-old cities in Eastern and Central Europe, the town hall was an important part of city life. Bratislava's city hall still stands on its main square; it's an unmissable attraction and a significant feature of the historic district. It's also the oldest town hall in Slovakia with a tower that dates to the 14th century!Bratislava's town hall is unusual because it was not originally built as a town hall.

Grassalkovich PalaceThe Grassalkovich is a palace in Bratislava and the residence of the president of Slovakia. It is situated on Hodžovo square. It was built in 1760 for Count Antal Grassalkovich. During the 1939–1945 period, the palace was adapted by Emil Belluš and became the seat of the president of the First Slovak Republic.

Bratislava´s New BridgeWhen you visit Old Town Bratislava, the New Bridge, is an unmissable feature of the horizon. The New Bridge an unfavorable light, but visitors can get one thing out of the bridge: panoramic views of Bratislava. The UFO restaurant, perched on the top of the bridge, is a famous spot for.


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