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Branden Robinson

My birthday is 10-14-00 so i am 14. I have one sister and my parents. My favorite food is pizza.

Branden Robinson

I really enjoy using technology not only for gaming and social media but also just going on and trying to figure out stuff and how it works.

I lived in Ohio for 5 years so im a Buckeye fan

Just this fall i shot my first two deer ever. It was an awesome experience

I play Football, Baseball, basketball and I also run track. I have played football for 6 years now and it by far my favorite sport.

I play travel baseball for the orion ducks. I play catcher and outfield but batting is the most fun

I play basketball for Waldon and i also play for an AAU team in the off season. I generally play power forward or small forward depending on who is in the game.

My favorite subject aside from gym is history, I have been way into history since I was little. My favorite color is red and I dont know why. My favorite place to hang out is sporting events or outside.


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