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Presidential reconstructionAfter south surrendered Abraham licoln and andrew johnson wanted the confederate and the union to be one nation.Step one abolish slavery, step two 10% of population had to take a oath of allegiance to United States.This plan was not very strict but caused congress to come up with new plan. Congressional Reconstruction Radical republicans who controlled the u.s wanted to make sure south had ratify the 13th 14th and 15th amendents in order to rejoin the united states.

Georgia's Reconstruction

Sharecropping and Tenant farming was another way we recreated.plantation owners needed workes now that slaves are free.while slaves needed jobs.It was not legal for slaves to get educated so the borrowed from whites to pay for things they needed.They would also recive share of land.

After the war Georgia and the united states need to reconstrut their economy. The Freeman's Bureau was a goverment organization which provied things such as food clothing jobs.

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13th Amendment 1865 slavery was abolished.

14th Amendment1868 citizenship is granted to people born in the united states

15th Amendment 1870 united states could not deny a citizen the right to vote

Henry McNeal Turnerafrican american Who was very religious leader and georgia politican. Himself and 26 other legislators were denied acceptance by majority white general assembly.After U.S supported legislators were able to participate in second session.

Klu Klux Klan The klu klux klan was a terror group by former confederate soldiers that used violence to to terrorize blacks like the right to vote.the klan was successful getting white democrates elected illegally. The kkk harassed and killrd many blacks jew and catholics northern whites rebuilding the south and whites that supported Radicail Republicans.


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