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Brain Poster

Amazing BrainAssessment Task 1 - Part 1Due: Fri 11 March, Turn in by attaching the link of your Glog.Criterion: An assessment rubric will be given out for you to check that you have covered the requirements.References: * Your main reference is our textbook.* You will need to access the Internet to find suitable images, videos (no YouTube unless you uplaod at home) quizzes etc.* Try Schooltube or Teachertube for a video

1) You are to create a Glog to show the main parts of the brain (4 lobes + somatosensory cortex, motor cortex, visual cortex, auditory cortex) and their role/s.2) You should start with a brain that is NOT labelled3) Text should be large enough to read from 1 metre away.

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Visual Cortex

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