[2015] Adriannie Asencio (ED 225 Fall 2015): Brain Pop

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[2015] Adriannie Asencio (ED 225 Fall 2015): Brain Pop

Math, English, Social Studies, Science, Technology, Health, Art & Music

BrainPop Jr. topic includes:Video, games, activities, lesson plans, word wall, books, quizzes, and voice nagivation (K-3)

BrainPop topics includes:Video, activities, vocabulary, quizzes, lesson ideas, FYI page(Gd. 3-Up)

http://www.brainpop.com/Website includes:Brainpop Jr.Brainpop ESLBrainpop EspanolBrainpop App

PROS:Animations, creative, videos go to the point, quizzes and activities on topic, video captions, usable on computer, tablet and smartphone

CONS:Limited access w/o subscriptionTeacher cannot check if the student completed the assignment at homeLoading videos

Teachers, student, parents and adminstrators can use this website.

Adriannie Asencio


ESLEspanolK-3 App

BrainPop ESL:Different ESL levelsVideo, flash cards, games, hear it/say it, read it, write it, practice, and quizzes


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