Brain Parts

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Brain Parts

Pin the Part on the Brain Game1 Listen to "Brain Song" Notice that occipital and spinal cord are not in the song.2 Add on a verse for those two parts.3 Make a large poster of brain. Make the individual parts listed in #3 .4 While the song plays race to place the listed parts on the larger brain.

Video 7min

Above and Beyond1 Make a hat, puzzle or model , out of playdoh, wadded newspaper, paper mache. Label the parts.2 Look at one of these sites and make a skit or song.3 Make a game similar to head and shoulders but for the brain.

Lesson PlanandWorksheetFound belowatpaperclip.

Brain Parts

Brain Parts

Brain Song

3min Song

--Print out worksheet or copy to Paint.--Use sections #4-7, to color and label the parts of the brain:Cerebellum--purpleFrontal lobe--blueParietal Lobe--yellowTemporal Lobe--redOccipital Lobe--greenPons--orangeMedulla Oblongata--pinkSpinal Cord--brown--Circle the cerebrum in black; circle the brain stem in gray.


2 Min

7 Min


Brain Stem

10 min


3D Model





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    Hi most awesome visitors. Truly amazing! Please share your favorite links or techniques for learning about the brain. What do you know about the brain?

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