Brain Health Project: stress

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Brain Health Project: stress

- Get some sleep- Focus on your strengths- Engage in physical activity- Do things that make you happy- Talk to someone

AnalysisIn my case study data, I had noticed some patterns in the memory test data. The pattern(seen below) shows that I go up 1 stays the same then goes down 2 then goes back to where I started. ConclusionThe hypothesis for my case study was, If I reduce my stress levels, then my brain health will improve. The hypothesis was supported by my brain health data. The data shows an increase in brain health on the fact recall test, but on the memory tests there was a pattern in the numbers. The problem for my case study was, I can improve my brain health If I use breathing exercises to reduce stress. Yes, I did try some of the breating exercises and that did help. Some days I was'nt really paying attention to how many times I got stressed. Next time I could pay more attention to what needs to be gotten done. Why Does Stress Play a Major role in the Adolescent Brain?

Stress Management

Stress Tips

ReferencesDr. Erlanger Turner Ph.D. “5 Tips for Helping Teens Cope with Stress” Feb 22, (images)

Problem: Can I increase my brain health if I use breathing exercises to reduce stress? Research:- What is cortizol?Hypothesis:If I reduce my stress levels by doing a breathing exercise, then my brain health will improve.Experiment:Materials List: -stress ball-quiet space-pencil & paper-Yourself!Procedure: When stressed, the first thing to do is find a nice calm space and breathe. If this is a fight or flight situation, count to ten and take deep breaths. * Repeat for 13 days

Case Study

Research shows that stress is both good and bad for the adolescent brain.What causes stress?-A hormone called Cortisol is responsible for stress. -Blood sugar-Central Nervous System ActivationWhat is Cortisol?Cortisol is a life sustaining adrenal hormone essential to the maintenance of homeostasis.-Heart and blood vessel tone and contraction-Anti-inflammatory actions-Fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism to maintain blood glucose (gluconeogenesis)

Analysis & Conclusion

Stress and the Adolescent Brain

how stress effects the body


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