Brain health project (nutrition)

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Brain health project (nutrition)

Analysis:In my case study data I noticed that I had met my goal seven out of ten days. I also noticed that I ate a variety of diffrent fruits each day from home and school.My concern is that I didn't eat my fruits for a descent amount of days. Some days I didn't feel like eating my fruits and only candy and chips. In my testing data I noticed that my scores stayed the same for every test except for test four. My fact recall scores are always higher than my memoery scores. My memory scores had a pattern in always getting ten all of the time except when I dropped one score below to get a nine. The drop in my memory score on test four connects to a decrease in me not eating my fruits for three days straight.Conclusion:The hypothesis for my case study was, if I eat at least one fruit a day for thirteen days, then my brain health will increase.The hypothesis was rejected by my brain health data.The data shows my fact recall did increase but, my memory level stayed the same. The problem for my case study was, can I improve my brain health if I eat at least one fruit a day. Based on my data,yes, I could increase myfact recall but, my memory stayed the same. Some error that I came across were not eating fruits for three days straight on days one, two, and three. That error was caused but me not having the materials I needed because I had to leave early. Next time I could bring my materials home with me when I left early and eat my fruits everyday I was supposed to. I would like to do all of the food groups next time and not just fruits. When I do a test next time I will make sure to write down all of my data when I am needed to do so. I would also like to explore other topics than nutrition to see if they would get the same type of outcome.

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Brain Health:Nutrition

Nutrition is the process of providing or obtiainig food nessecery to grow and have good health.Main idea #1:Junk food causes a increase in childhood obesity.Evidence #1:When adolescents eats more calories then they realize it causes them to gain weight.Evidence #2: Teens who are fed processed or poor nutrient foods become unhealthy teens which eventually lead up to becoming unhealty adults.Evidence #3: 23% of teens in the u.s prediabetic or diabetic, 22% have high cholesterol. Main idea #2: Junk food may lower a adolescents academic performence. Evidence #1: Dr.Merecola states, children are not getting enough nutrients they need so in the us.Evidence #2: 40% of childrens diets come from added sugars and unhealthy fats. Evidence #3: Children eat more sugars tan real healthy food which leads them in the path to obesity.

Nutrition and the adolescent brain

Can I improve my brain health if I eat all of the nessecary food groups needed to be healthy?Research:-Adolescents need all of the food groups in a healthy meal-In order for an adolescent to have good health they need to have balenced meals-Another required need is to have a mix of all food groups.Hypothesis:If I eat at least one fruit a day then I can improve my brain health.Experiment:The materials needed to complete this experiment was my case study planner and my blue research paper.Procedure:1.Research your topic2.Fill out case study planner3.Create data table4.Keep track of daily data 5.Repeat daily for thirteen days

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