Brain Cancer

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Brain Cancer

Cancer is a mass of tissue(cells) that is formed by a lot of abnormal cells all put together. Normally cells will grow, age, and die. But in the case of cancer something disrupts the cell cycle, and causes the DNA insde of the cells to mutate causing the cells to grow rapidly and not die.

This type of cancer affects the brain directly.There are many symptoms with this type of cancer, many of them include difficultly walking, mulriple headaches, seizures, weakness, and clumsiness. Other symptoms occur for some people such as altered mental status, nausea, vomiting, vision problems, difficulty speaking, emotional capacity detarioration.

Morgan Chandler and Arielle Martin

- Surgery - Radiation Therapy- ChemoTherapy- Diet Change - Physical Therapy

There are many ways to diagnose this brain cancer. Such as a neurological exam, angiogram, brain scan, and a CT scan. Many other ways to diagnose this type of cancer are out there and readily available.

Brain Cancer

What happens to the cell?

What does this affect and what are the symptoms?


What we learned

Aproximently 5% of cases involving brain cancer are linked to heterditary genetics. Radiation is the only known environmental cause of brain cancer. People who suffer from HIV or AIDS run a higher risk of developing brain cancer. People in different parts of the world have higher and lower risks of having this type of cancer, like in Japan people are less likely to get this than people that are in Europe. Men are also more likely to develope this than women.

Over 70,000 cases of brain tumors where discovered this year throughout the world. Multiple children and over cases in the United States alone. Nothing can be done to prevent this type of cancer.


Throughout this project we have learned a lot of cool information. We learned that nearly 70,000 new cases are formed each year, more than 4,600 children are diagnosed with brain cancer each year, and nearly 700,000 people in America are living with brain cancer now. Also that there are 120 brain tumors. Most importantly, brain cancer is very serious and should not be taken lightly.


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