Brain Cancer

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Brain Cancer

Causes of brain cancer include radiation to the head, cigarette smoking, HIV infections, and exposure to enviormental toxins.

Brain cancer affects both genders and usually in citizens ages 65 and older.

Symptoms of Brain cancer include, changes in concentration, memory, attention, alertness, nausea, and vomiting

Brain Cancer

Brain cancer is when malignant cells develop in the brain. They are commonly referred to as tumors.

Possible treatments for brain cancer include surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy

Brain cancer affects the brain due to increased cranial pressure. Brain cancer can affect personalities, language, and vision problems.

Although prevention of brain cancer is not present, early diagnosis and treatment is highly recommended.

Interesting Facts* Nearly 700,000 americans are living with a primary brain tumor.*Male survival rate is 32.6% and Female survival rate is 44.8%*Approx. 4,620 children will recieve brain tumor diagnosis this year.

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