Brain Cancer

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Brain Cancer

Although there is no reliable proof stating certain jobs make brain tumors more susceptible, there are possible risk factors that could cause you to obtain tumors of the brain. Jobs using environmental toxins like working in an oil refinery, a nuclear plant, or working with rubber chemicals may increase your risk.Extremely toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, acrylonitrile, and vinyl chloride all play a part in a higher risk factor for brain cancer.

Biology Final Cassidy Sirois and Olivia Morrison

Brain Cancer

Statistical Data

Cell phones are part of everyone's’ everyday use. They make planning and communication easier for everyone. With such great technology comes a downfall though. Over the years, scientist have been running multiple tests on cell phone’s ability to cause brain tumors because of the radiation they give off. Multiple supreme courts have ruled for an experiment to be tested on the effectiveness of cellphones. After several tests were completed, the results showed no convincing evidence of cellphones and brain tumors showing a linked connection. Even with all the data collected though, there are still strong believers that firmly state that the new technology is causing the human brain harm.

Age, Ethnicity, and Genderdo not make some moresuseptable to brain cancer. Data is required to be taken in order to be sure that levels of brain cancer do not increasemore than the others.


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