Brain Cancer

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Brain Cancer

Like any other disease, brain cancer effects patients both physically and mentally. Unfortunitely, patients have to under go chemotherapy to help cope with this deadly disease. Although the chemotherapy isn't guarenteed to work, it can help sustain a steady percentage of cancer and help easen the side effects of brain cancer.

There are two main categories for brain cancer, primary and secondary. primary brain tumors develop inside the brain and in the spinal cord while secondary tumors develop elsewhere in the body, break off, and is carried by the blood stream to the brain where a new tumor is formed.

Brain Cancer

Brain Surgery can be life threatening depending on the size and location of the tumor. If the tumor is inflaming next to nerves, the surgery might cause the nerve to pop or become even more squished. The best rate of survival is to those who find the tumor before it grows and becomes deadlier. The tumor compete with the spacing of central nerves in the brain. The nerves need certain spacing to regulate, but when a tumor is forced into an unwanted place, it disrupts the nerves,



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