Brain Basics

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Human Anatomy

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Brain Basics

- The brain needs energy- The brain burns 30% of fuel your body uses- Sources for your brain include egg, nuts, and fish- brain needs 8-9 hours of sleep a day for proper functions- When you exercise, you grow new cells, and you will learn easier


brain parts

Human Brain - picture

Physical Needs

Brain BasicsBy: Emma Sharp

- Your brain does things without you knowing it like; breathing, heart rate, blood pressure and dreaming- voluntary functions your brain allows are moving, looking, listening, speeking drawing, singing, and more- The brain recieves information from your eyes, ears, skin, and etc.- Your brain functions emotions like being sad- Also your bran learns and memorizes things (memory)- Lastly your brain does abstract thinking and decision + planning

Brain Basics


Know your brain

Color- The cortex is graySize- The brain is almost the size of your fistWeight- The brain weighs 3 poundsTexture- The brain is soft and lumpyAppearance- The brain looks folded

Size and Appereance

- A connection I have is how on friday, I only got 7 hours of sleep and I couldn't focus on my class work as much as I did the day before. This applys to me that if I get more hours of sleep, I will have an easier time functioning. I intend to do this by checking the time to make sure I get to sleep on time.- A real world example I can make is people in the world have emotions because of something that happened. This shows that you have emotions voluntarily. This applys to me because now I know that I can't cry or be happy without wanting to or somthing that triggers this. I can intend to use this by when I'am sad, I can find a way that helps me be happy.

Real word examples/connections

SOURCES for text:- Brainology- My own brainSOURCES for videos:- Brainology- Crash course(sources for images on bottom left of the image)


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