Brain Based Teaching

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Brain Based Teaching

Brain-Based Teaching in Science

ConsolidationTie in how waves can be implimented in sound and light.

AccuracyCFA over the 3 Laws of Motions and revisit the material that students did not fully understand

ModulationDuring a lesson on sound I had students listen to how music has evolved over the last 100 years and write down music that they feel is relevent to them.

CoherenceWe have connected parts of our physics like the Law of Conservation of Energy to in Chemistry talking about the Law of Conservation of Matter, both of which tie into the Law of Conservation of Heat

InputLet the students decide what type of erosion they would like to do a research project over in their group.

RepresentationAfter a lab over Chromatography the students were able to put their work on the wall and compare with other students.

VolitionGive the students the ability to choose what they want to do a report on over items they use everyday that deal with Electromagnetic Radiation Waves

Examples of how to impliment the 7 componants are used in Brain Based Teaching



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