Brain Based Learning

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Brain Based Learning

In the dendritic fireworks theory, brainresearchers Diamond (1996) and Scheibel (1996) indicate that we can literally grow our brains, that is, every time we learn something new, the brain grows newdendrites and neural connections.

In English, volition is very important. Getting buy-in from students is crucial for critical thinking and comprehension. Input relates to students capacity to take in information, breaking it down in chunks and providing breaks. Coherence relates to English directly in the way we form essays and text by creating outlines prior to finished products. Modulation relates to English in the terms of getting students interested in learning and understanding how to learn. In English, giving choices creates modulation. Human brains rarely get everything right the first time, and create "rough drafts" which relates to Accuracy. Representation in English is being able to communicate something differently than you learned it. So if you learned something in a book, you are able to visually represent it in a graph or give a verbal synopsis of a text. Consolidation relates to storage and retrival and can be active or passive. You can encode better if you use movement, repeat or create rhyme, and make learning meaningful.

Brain Based Learning - English

Volution(Safety, Vesting, Choice)Input(Type, Quanity, Interval)Coherence(Sense, Frame, Understanding)Modulation(Value, Emotion, Intensity)

Accuracy(Depth, Breadth, Error Correction)Representation(Output and Ownership)Consolidation(Encode, Maintain, Revise)

Our EquipmentThe Brain

Research shows....

How do these 7 things relate to English

In English, are we going to continue to teach in the old setting of repitition and the same old content or move to the new smarter way of buy in, engagement, and feedback?

How are we going to handle this learning in English


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