[2015] 7HleeMichael (Sleeper 7th): Brain

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Human Anatomy

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[2015] 7HleeMichael (Sleeper 7th): Brain

Relationships- The brain works with other systems to keep your body healthy with clean diet, adequate rest, activity(like exercising), and stress minimization.- Brain collects and stores memory- Moving parts of our bodies- Autonomic system controls breathing, digestions, sweating, etc automatically- Sympathetic system for rest or sleep- Controls all five senses

Wanted Poster"The Organ Trails"BRAIN

Functions- Three sections: Forebrain, Midbrain, and hindbrain- Forebrain: largest, most complex part, contains cerebrum, contains information to make us who we are, contains occipital, frontal, pariental, and temporal, contains the outer layer cortex that gathers all five senses and

Organ Its Systems- In nervous system- Can't live without the brain- A part of the brain

stores "reminders" not to do something again, contains thalamus, hypothamus, and pituitary gland (inside)- The cerebellum sits at the back of your head, under the cerebrum. It controls coordination and balance.- The brain stem(medulla) sits beneath your cerebrum in front of your cerebellum. It connects to the brain to the spinal cord and controls automatic functions such as breathing digestion, heart rate and blood.- The cerebrum fills up most of your skull. It is involved in remembering, problem solving, thinking, and feeling. It also control your movements.

the person can live- Cerebrum, Medulla(brain stem), Cerebellum- Nervous system carries messages from the body to the brain, then to the parts of the body.

Disease/Disorders- Disorders or diseases that affect the brain are: trauma to the brain, stroke (restricted or reduced oxygen and blood in the brain that leads to cellular death) viral infections (viruses may cause inflammation and swelling in the brain's tissue) disease and cancer abnormal growths (tumors).- Expilepsy: seizures from flashing objects ex.flashlight

- Headaches: migraines that occur for hours to days- Mental issues: physical and mental problems, cause may be inherited, bad events, or violence- Concussions: temporary loss of brain function, multiple hits to the head can cause a permanent injury to the brain.




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