Braille- DJ and NIshant

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Braille- DJ and NIshant

what does it look like?Braille looks like black dots that pop out and is arranged in cells of six dots.

Braille first came from "Night Rding".soldiers would use this to communicate with other in the night without letting the enemy see. Because they could not use a torch they had to feel the message.Because it was a complicated the army stoped using it

In 1827 the first book in Braille was published

The Braille System

In 1990 Braille was used in every country and have been adapted to every language.

Sighted people did not realised how Braill was useful, and did not use it to teach the blind.But the blind secretly leart Braille

Louise Braille was the brilliant inventor of Braille. Louise Braille was blind from the age 0f 3

Louise braille developed braille more by adding maths in Braille and music.



Every letter/number has its own combinations of dots. There are over 63 combinations in Braille



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