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Social Studies

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FUN FACTdid you know that the Manitoba act created Canadas fifth province. wow!!! it also had some important terms such as both french and english would be used in goverment.

the creation of the province manitoba did not solve all the concerns of the metis and first nations . there were still arguments over land owner ship .also, the metis fears of assimalation grew as more and more newcomers came into the area.

the fate of louis riel louis riel surrendered and stood trial for treason. a jury found him guilty and riel was sentenced to hang. john .a. macdonald could have stepped in and save riel`s life. twice macdonald delayed the execution while he debated what to do.

the canadian goverment sent scientists to the west . the scientists wanted to learn about the climate. the scientists said there are parts of ruperts land suited for farming .



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    Brady, make sure you outline the details of the Manitoba Act and why it's important.