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Boys of Blur

Boys of BlurBy: N.D Willson

In the book Boys of Blur, the main character, Charlie goes to his stepfather, Mack, hometown of Tape, Florida for Macks high school coaches funeral. There he meets his step second cousin named Cotton. Together tey ran into the large feild of sugar cane and see a tall man with a helmet and sword.They run away and follow up the next day and things get weird. The next night they find him again at the church and confront Lio, the man in the cane, and see 2 panthers with him. The man is standing in his fathers grave, Mr.Wisdom digging him out. The boys follow him and are attacked by two zombie like men covered in muck. The men attacked and Lio fought gallantly but te boys ran. The mucke men/gren chased them endlessley. charlie was scratched by the deadly hands of the gren and poisoned his ankle.Before Charlie blacked out, They made it to a river to float away when a gren child threw a bone knife a cottons shoulder.Charlie later wakes up in mothr Wisdoms cabin where she explained what happened to Charlie. She was able to heal his poison, then Sugar came for Charlie. He explained thatthey are half borothers becuase of their dad. To get back to the nuck and find Lio's panthers, Mother Wisdom gave charlie the materials he needed to survive. Eventually charlie found the panther, left Sugar, followed it and ran into his real father. Bobby Reynolds. Bobby helped Charlie find the hive, even if Charlie hated him. They had a fierce battle with the mother and bravely defeated her. Except they were bothe poisoned and weak. Only one of them would make it to Mother Wisdom. It was Charlie. His father carred him and soon died from poison. In the epologue Charlie lives happily with his family, Cotton and Sugar, still in Taper, Florida.



I think the theme of this book is that family is family. This quote is tossed around qute a bit in this book. When Charlie first meets cotton he says that cotton is his "step second cousin" and cotton replies that "cousins is cousins out here". In addition when sugar tells Charlie that he is Charlie is his half-brother.Charlie thinks of Cotton and says"But i guess brothers is brothers". Another example is when Chalies father sacrificed his life for his sons by bringing Charlie to Mother Wisdom and dying from poison soon after. Family is the theme of this book


Two main\important characters are Charlie and his father Bobby Reynolds. Charlie is the boy set out on this journey to defeat the Gren. To save his cousin Cotton, he set out into the deep cane and muck to find the Gren mother, kill her, and hopefuly save Cotton. Bobby Reynolds doesn't come into the story early on but he still plays s huge role. While Charlie was weak and looking for the hive he was attacked by Gren and his faher rean them over with a Jeep. The impact lasted in the hive. They found there way in and killed the mother but they both had no energy left and were poisened. Charlie gave his last Ironwood tree air bottle(give energy to a poisened person), and put it to his fathers lips. Charlie woke up being told his father carried him through the hive and shortly died afterward and Chalie lived. Both brave characters risking for family.

This book takes place in the little town of Taper, Florida. Most of the story takes place in the muck, cane, and mother Wisdoms cabin.Other places in Taer inclde the old White Church, and the mothers Hive

Yes I would recomend this book for people who like science fiction and fantasy books. I like this this book becuase its a book I can relate to and I think others can. I like how the characters seem like real people. I also ejoyed the way the plot changed quickly from a calm story, to an intense action-adventure.




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