Boyle town local history (Assigment)

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Boyle town local history (Assigment)

What we will do over the next five weeks:1. Research our landmarks in our groups.2. Take a tour around Boyle Town.3. Create a Boyle Town Timeline.4. Create a story board of Boyle Town History through the ages. 5. We will have a Skype session with another class in Roscommon town to share our information found.6. We will hold a presentation of our story board and timeline for our parents and teachers.

1) The Blog has all the information/pictures you will need.2) Each link page activity will be undertook in a week.3) You can access this Blog at any time (at school or home) and ask me any questions you may have.

Proud to be from Boyle

Historical Landmarks

Boyle Town 1800's

Our Town Boyle

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Local History

Boyle Town

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